Palmer Park area begins to rebrand itself as Uptown Detroit

The Palmer Park/University District communities are undergoing a bit of grassroots rebranding this year now that a growing number of local residents and stakeholders are referring to the area as Uptown Detroit.

"We just kind of came up with the name," says Sarah James, a board member for the People for Palmer Park. "We were thinking of the Woodward corridor and how there is downtown and Midtown and we are the farthest up Woodward."

Uptown Detroit will encompass the Woodward corridor between McNichols Avenue and 8 Mile Road. The area currently consists of a variety of neighborhoods, including Palmer Park, Palmer Woods, State Fair, Sherwood Forest, Green Acres, University District, Chaldeantown and Highland Park.

Local stakeholders like James are hoping to leverage a fresh, all-encompassing brand to boost the momentum that has come from a number of new developments, such as the redevelopment of a number of Palmer Park's apartment buildings and the planting of fruit orchards throughout the park.

The collection of neighborhoods that now fall under the Midtown Detroit banner underwent a similar transformation a decade ago when local leaders combined a fresh brand with the momentum from local developments. The people behind the Uptown Detroit effort are hoping to follow the same game plan to success.

Source: Sarah James, a board member for the People for Palmer Park
Writer: Jon Zemke

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