Singlethread’s software connects dealership mechanics with customers

Mechanics specialize in fixing cars. Motorists excel at breaking them. More times than not, neither party is good at communication. Singlethread believes it can bridge that divide.

The 1-year-old startup makes a software platform that helps mechanics at car dealerships and their customers better communicate via text messages. That way mechanics can send status updates to customers and car owners can quickly give approval to fixes.

"One of the biggest problems in automotive dealerships is poor communication between the mechanics and their customers while the car is being fixed," says Will Mapes, founder of Singlethread. "They end up being ships that pass in the night."

Singlethread's team of five people developed the technology with Atomic Object's downtown Detroit office, splitting time between the central business district and Royal Oak. They launched the platform six months ago and now has deployed it in 10 automotive dealerships in Michigan, Florida, and Texas. Singlethread is now looking to expand to more dealerships across North America.

"We will be growing as fast as possible," Mapes says. "Our mandate is to just meet demand right now."

Source: Will Mapes, founder of Singlethread
Writer: Jon Zemke

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