Asian fusion restaurant, Wasabi, headed to Park Shelton in Midtown

A Japanese-Korean fusion restaurant, Wasabi, will open this summer in the Park Shelton condominiums at the corner of Kirby and Woodward Ave. , across from the DIA in Midtown.

The 1,600-square foot eatery will serve sushi, teriyaki and Korean specialties like bibibap, a rice, vegetable and meat dish seasoned with chili paste.

Co-owner Chul-Woong Kang calls the location an "opportunity," and hopes to draw customers from both Midtown and Downtown.

Wasabi will offer Park Shelton residents room service-style delivery, which is music to the ears of sales manager Michael Marterelli. "It provides our homeowners that they are looking for, and it also also provides to the area. It will be nice to have this type of sit-down restaurant in Midtown."

Kang hopes to procure a liquor license, but is moving ahead on build-out in the meantime. Wasabi will be open six days a week.

Source: Chul-Woong Kang, Wasabi
Writer: Kelli B. Kavanaugh
Photograph: Marvin Shaouni
Marvin Shaouni is the managing photographer for Model D & Metromode