Feature Story The Kiss

New immersive exhibit: Detroit to bathe in the golden glow of Gustav Klimt's work

Hot off the heels of the popular immersive Vincent Van Gogh exhibit, Detroit will host an elaborate Gustav Klimt show in September and October. Music and animation will be used to augment projected displays to bring the viewer into the artist's world of water lilies, vibrant blooms, mermaids, and (of course) his famous golden phase that produced "The Kiss".

Feature Story Inception CEO David McCullar shows off DHDC's new mental health gym space.

Resilient Neighborhoods: Corktown nonprofit debuts mental health gym during outdoor market series

During its weekly market series, this Corktown nonprofit recently added a new space at its headquarters, as part of a pilot program that uses emerging technologies to treat issues like anxiety and trauma.

Partner Content A farm stand at Butzel Family Recreation Center in Detroit, sponsored by Henry Ford Health, Come Play Detroit, and Eastern Market.

Henry Ford Health SNAP-Ed collaborations creating healthy change

From creating free farm stands in Detroit to promoting healthier drinking water in the Jackson area, the Henry Ford Health initiative Generation with Promise is supporting healthier families and communities across Michigan.

Partner Content Vidit Singh graduated from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.

Detroit students design accessible products, from menstrual cycle apps to better walkers

Meet the innovative students who are helping to shape the future of accessible design. “I think products are about people,” says Taylor Spencer, who designed an accessible cookware set. “[...] if it doesn't make a person feel like a person, because they can't use it, then what did you make it for?”  

Feature Story "The BOX" world premiere at Z Space (San Francisco) in 2016.

Lifting the lid on solitary confinement: 'The Box' brings transformative theater to Detroit

Written and directed by Sarah Shourd, who was once held as a political prisoner in Iran, and with many of its cast and crew survivors of solitary confinement, "The Box" sheds light on a concerning corner of incarceration in the U.S.

Feature Story A sign warns illegal dumpers they're being watched at this East Side location.

Resilient Neighborhoods: East Side Detroit groups are taking a stand against illegal dumping

Illegal dumping is turning heads on Detroit's East Side. And neighborhood groups are working to address the situation.

Longform Stacy Stout, director of equity and engagement for the city of Grand Rapids.

Nearly 20 Michigan communities have declared racism a public health crisis. What happens next?

Here's a look at the actions three Michigan communities have taken since passing declarations that racism is a public health crisis.

Partner Content Schlann DIllard's mobility opportunities have opened up thanks to a new wheelchair ramp.

Home repair programs increase accessibility, alleviate stressors for Detroit residents

It's not always easy to get a home repair or accessibility modification grant, but there are a variety of options in the Detroit area. Here's what you need to know about what's out there.

Longform Katherine Rosenblum, co-director of the University of Michigan's Zero to Thrive program.

Michigan programs aim to prevent preschool expulsions, reducing lifelong harmful effects

Some early childhood professionals use the term "preschool to prison pipeline" to describe the way preschool and daycare expulsions and suspensions rock children's lives.

Partner Content marygrove-college

Marygrove Conservancy to host a big summer block party

The first major public event for Marygrove Conservancy in two years will run from 12 noon to 3 p.m. on August 13, featuring local live entertainment, campus tours, and free food for the first 500 guests.

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