Longform An Everyone in the Pool swimming lesson.

Metroparks aim to raise $2.4 million for swimming equity and classroom science programs

A new initiative called Metroparks and Me will fundraise for a program that offers free swimming lessons and another that provides supplemental science lessons in under-resourced classrooms.

Feature Story The Fisher Building, built in 1924, has 30 floors and two public restrooms

Opinion: Struggling to poop in the Fisher Building reminds me Detroit's hospitality is in the toilet

Is Detroit actually prepared for tourism, increased population, new businesses, and the increased foot traffic that comes with all three?

Longform Patricia Tillman-Meakins, Tracey Williams, and Becca Fleming at Packard Health Clinic at West Willow.

Community-based health projects offer care for underserved residents in Detroit, Ypsi, and Jackson

Several Michigan organizations are innovating ways to increase health care access for the state’s most vulnerable residents in their own communities. 

Partner Content Mushroom House List

Elevate grants help small Michigan businesses level up

Although headquartered in Indiana, the FHLBank of Indianapolis provides access to grant programs and resources for small businesses throughout Michigan. The Elevate Grant aims to generate more economic opportunity for all, and helps small businesses like Mushroom House Tours in Charlevoix and The Poke Bowl in Flint to level up.  

Feature Story Jason Headen, Vice President of the Detroit Market at CHN Housing Partners, at a new CHN housing development on Orchard Street

Without affordable housing, some Detroiters struggle, lose stable housingResilient Neighborhoods Feature

From house-burdened to homeless, Detroiters are feeling the impact of the city's affordable housing crisis.

Feature Story small-jae-gerhart

Cómo los sistemas locales de salud aprovechan las granjas locales para obtener opciones de alimentos

Instituciones médicas de todo Michigan están utilizando sus recursos locales para llevar alimentos reales a su personal y pacientes

Longform Hope Starts Here creates a plan to help Detroit become a city that puts young children and families first by 2027.

الأمل يبدأ هنا» يساعد ديترويت في إعطاء الأولوية للأطفال الصغار

تجمع مبادرة "الأمل يبدأ هنا. " فريقًا من المدافعين والأبطال الذين يقودون الجهود لتطوير نظم الطفولة المبكرة في ديترويت. تمثل هذه المبادرة تعاونًا بين مؤسسة دبليو كيه كيلوج (WKKF)، ومؤسسة كريسجي، ومؤسسة ماكس إم. ومارجوري إس. فيشر (M&M Fisher)، ومجموعة من الوكالات، والمنظمات المجتمعية، والأهم من ذلك، سكان ديترويت. تم إطلاق مبادرة "الأمل يبدأ هنا" رسميًا في عام 2017 بخطة عمل مستمرة تمتد لعشر سنوات  

Partner Content AAoM Kids List

When it comes to autism and mental health, stigma and discrimination play a huge role

Being autistic does not mean a person cannot experience good mental health. However, studies have shown that 78% of autistic children have at least one mental health condition. Stigma and discrimination are often a contributing factor.

Feature Story Parkway-Foods

Making 'great' grocery stores in Detroit

How Detroit’s Food Policy Council is helping local grocery stores up their healthy offerings

Feature Story OnPoint autism services focus on communication, behavior support for social skills, daily living skills, family training, and ongoing assessment.

Community mental health agency a resource for autism services

OnPoint, a community mental health agency in Allegan County, provides services for autistic children and their parents.

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