Feature Story Sheri Faust

Friends of the St. Clair River works to protect natural resources and inspire environmental prideThe Nonprofit Journal Project

"A sturgeon can live up to 100 years and that's our mentality, always looking ahead at the bigger picture, but realizing that it's the small steps that get you there," says board president Shari Faust. "Through the efforts of our volunteers, scientists, and staff, Friends of the St. Clair River will continue to protect, restore, and educate about our natural resources."

Longform community impact incubator

Graduates of Marygrove Conservancy's Community Impact Incubator experience transformational supportThe Nonprofit Journal Project

"This cohort created a space for us to be vulnerable, transparent and know that if we're the best human being we can be ourselves, then we'll be the best leader for our organization," says Sherelle Hogan, founder and CEO of Pure Heart Foundation.

Feature Story MSOH episode 6 art

PODCAST: Migrant workers, rural Michigan, and rethinking community during COVID

On this week's episode of Michigan's State of Health, we're digging into how migrant workers have embodied rural Michigan's experience with COVID-19 – and how to improve health care for all rural Michiganders in the long run.

Partner Content JP Morgan Chase

Focusing on financial health: Charting a path towards the next milestone

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, 44% of Black Americans said that either they or someone in their family has experienced a job or wage loss due to COVID. In these situations, especially, it is critical to know how to manage your finances to stay or get back on track. 

Feature Story Covenant staff handle curbside testing at their Joy Rd. clinic.

Resilient Neighborhoods: How 3 Detroit nonprofits are making COVID-19 responses more accessible

From food assistance to vaccine awareness, these Detroit community development organizations having been doing their best to adapt to COVID-19 as the pandemic evolves.

Feature Story APIAVote-MI attend the October 20th Detroit public hearing

Community groups look to convince redistricting commission to change state maps

The Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission will listen to public comments in Lansing and Detroit this December as they prepare to vote on the maps representing Michigan’s new political districts by Thursday, Dec. 30. Here’s how area nonprofits are approaching what could be the final month of discourse.

Longform Scott Hutchins, school mental health and Medicaid consultant for the Michigan Department of Education Office of Health and Nutrition Services.

Michigan schools adopt new software to expand mental health services

All 56 of the state's ISDs now have access to a software product for managing behavioral health referrals, screenings, treatment plans, and more.

Feature Story MSOH episode 5 art

PODCAST: Reconnecting to behavioral health care in a time of crisis

On this week's episode of Michigan's State of Health, we're digging into  how COVID-19 helped raise awareness of the importance of behavioral health – and how to support Michiganders through the long-term behavioral health issues COVID is likely to create.

Feature Story Aerial map of HOPE Village.

Resilient Neighborhoods: NW Detroit nonprofit seeks to increase community health with new hires

This Detroit community development org has hired on new staff in an effort to help  residents access resources and lead healthier lives.

Feature Story Judy Muhn

NEW helps nonprofits seeking racial justice and equity to challenge their missions and visionsThe Nonprofit Journal Project

"We're seeing organizations dig into the true meanings behind their mission, vision and value statements," says Judy Nimer Muhn, organizational development consultant at Nonprofit Enterprise at Work. "They’re asking how they can uplift those in ways that are deeper, more thoughtful and more evidence-based."

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