Feature Story Christelle Chigand Paul flanked by Haitian artisans and creators.

Why one Detroit business owner is gathering support for Haitian artisans caught in conflict

Yvette Jenkins' philosophy of helping to economically empower artisans across the globe makes her a natural candidate to lend her voice to the rebuilding of Haitian businesses.

Feature Story Veronica Bilicki oversees the Patient as Caregiver program.

Henry Ford Health program helps unpaid caregivers stay healthy

The Patient as Caregiver project helps unpaid caregivers carry on in their roles, reducing the amount of hired care needed and helping people age at place in their homes.

Longform Small-zerod-family

How data collection is playing a key role in advancing health equity

A new push to gather health care data about people with disabilities is spotlighting a disparity in health care equity that is often overlooked by the medical community. 

Longform Small-Amanda

How at-home vaccinations protect the lives of the state’s most vulnerable

The Michigan Department of Health & Human Services has collaborated with Disability Rights of Michigan to support vaccinations for homebound residents.

Longform Kimberly Singh (right), Michigan Oral Health Coalition board member and chief community and governmental affairs officer for My Community Dental Centers, chats with Dental Assistant Kortney Jones.

Oral health care is inaccessible to many Michiganders. This coalition is working to change that.

The Michigan Oral Health Coalition brings together a multitude of Michigan oral and general health partners to collaborate on improving oral health for all Michiganders, especially those who have barriers to access. 

Feature Story Oak Park Library

Oak Park to showcase new public library redesign this weekend

Oak Park is finishing a library redesign after community input, and will hold a public open day on April 7.

Feature Story Vern Kulman

How Macomb County is preserving farmland for future farmers

There are nearly 500 farms in Macomb County, and the agricultural and food processing sector contributes $343 million annually to the county’s GDP. Metromode finds out how farmland is being cared for and promoted in the region.

Feature Story Indigo farm

Agritourism: How small farms in metro Detroit are finding solutions

“I don’t believe that we would still be farming without diversifying,” says Dory Hill, co-owner of Crooked Creek Farm Dairy in Romeo. Agritourism income in Michigan jumped from $USD 20 million in 2017 to $56 million in 2022 as small farms are finding new ways to survive.

Longform Teacher helping child at NEST Child Care and Parent Institute in Detroit

خارطة طريق "التعليم ما قبل الابتدائي للجميع" تتخذ منهجًا شاملًا لإطلاق برنامج "التعليم ما قبل الاب

في يناير 2023، أعلنت الحاكمة غريتشن ويتمر عن خطتها "التعليم ما قبل الابتدائي للجميع"، والتي ستوفر الوصول إلى التعليم ما قبل الابتدائي المجاني لجميع الأطفال البالغين من العمر أربع سنوات في ميشيغان بحلول عام 2027. في فبراير 2024، أصدرت دائرة التعليم مدى الحياة، التقدم، والإمكانيات في ميشيغان (MiLEAP) خطة الطريق مع توصيات حول كيف يمكن للولاية تحقيق هذا الهدف. شاركت مجموعة السياسات العادلة، وهي منظمة استشارية تعليمية في واشنطن العاصمة تركز على سياسات الرعاية والتعليم المبكرة، في تأليف خارطة الطريق.

Longform Robin Beasley is the director of Garden of Dreams Preschool inside First Congregational Church.

Tri-Share makes quality child care more affordable for working parents

MI Tri-Share is a first-of-its-kind cost-sharing funding model. The state, the employee, and their employer each chip in for one-third of the price of child care.

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