Feature Story asia-hamilton-exterior

Q&A with Asia Hamilton, owner of Norwest Gallery, on why Detroit needs art more than ever

"A lot of art spaces aren’t welcoming spaces. It’s such a prestigious, bougie industry that you can feel like you don’t belong. I want people to experience high-end, fabulous art, to come in and feel like they're supposed to be there. That’s why I opened up this space."

Feature Story Evette Napier is a lifelong Woodbridge resident.

Lifelong Woodbridge resident's dedication to community comes full circle

Evette Napier has spent a lifetime in Woodbridge, raising a family and being active in her community. After contracting COVID-19 this year amid a battle against cancer, the neighborhood’s graciousness came front and center for her.

Partner Content Sandra Cavette is proud of her historical home and wants to see others investing in the upkeep of Detroit properties.

0%-interest loan program puts economic power in hands of Detroit homeowners

Sandra Cavette is one of 1,048 homeowners in Detroit who have used a 0% interest home repair loan program to maintain historic properties throughout the city. Long-term residents like Cavette have seen the city through its ups and downs and are investing in its future through the program, which launched five years ago and has generated $10 million in funding. 

Feature Story Softly Away by Nabeela Najjar

Design in the City partners with Gucci to highlight Detroit designers on a global stage

Elevating specifically female and BIPOC artists, Design in the City — funded through the Gucci Changemakers grant — will allow emerging fashion and accessory designers to gain exposure and boost their career through public installations at Detroit businesses.

Feature Story The Detroit 21 is a coalition made up of the leaders of 21 Detroit Community Development Organizations.

Resilient Neighborhoods: Why these 21 Detroit CDOs are taking a stand on police brutality

A coalition of Detroit community development organizations is calling for dramatic changes in how neighborhood residents interact with law enforcement. And in doing so, they're rethinking what it means to be a CDO in Detroit.

Feature Story A group of Citywide Poets talk about their writing during a workshop.

Voices of Youth: Detroit's Citywide Poets teens share feelings on poetry, BLM protests, and COVID-19

Teens involved with Detroit's Citywide Poets are deeply concerned about the state of the world during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Feature Story Dierdre Roberson, Eumelanin, Detroit

Detroit designer combines fashion and science to start a conversation about skin color

Detroit entrepreneur Deirdre Roberson doesn't fit a mold. And the scientist-turned-fashion-designer doesn't want you to, either. “People will say to me ‘you look like a model,’ but why did nobody ever tell me ‘you look like a scientist’? We are complex. We are multidimensional people.”

Feature Story From left, Jason Ridgeway, Chris Turner, and Bob Hoey

Reflecting on the past to move forward: 5 key places, moments in Detroit's history of racial tension

By exploring the past, this faith-based tour aims to help people understand modern-day racism.

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