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Mutual aid is making a comeback during COVID-19 outbreak

Mutual aid is not a new idea, but with COVID-19 increasing the need of communities around the world, it’s becoming a more popular — and more organized — one.

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Amid challenges brought on by COVID-19, Metro Detroit chefs and restaurants find ways to give back

From food boxes for veterans and the elderly to operating a vegan food pantry, local restaurants are finding new ways to help amid their own businesses’ struggles.

Longform Meals on Wheels driver Lamar Ellington gives Beverly Sullivan, 79, a meal delivery for her mom, Ellen Dennis, 97.

Here’s how Michigan helps elders stay where they want to be: at home

Three out of four people aged 50 and older want to remain at home. While it's the most cost-effective solution for elder care, it does still present some challenges. Here's how Michigan providers are addressing them.

Partner Content So far, BGCSM employees have distributed more than 1,300 meals to families in need across Southeast Michigan.

COVID-19 poses major challenges for Detroit organizations serving youth, but the mission continues

To meet the need, local organizations have been shifting their work and accelerating their efforts in response to the crisis. However, the increased demand for services also means increased demand for funding, which is likely to overwhelm already strapped organizations, and financial support from partners will be crucial in serving the most vulnerable.

Feature Story Detroit Sewn's Karen Buscemi estimates that the manufacturer will be able to produce 1,000 masks per day during the first week of production.

Amid mask shortage, Detroit apparel manufacturers step in to produce protective gear for hospitals

As hospitals around the state – and the globe – experience a shortage of protective medical gear due to coronavirus, Detroit apparel manufacturers have stepped in to dedicate their factories to producing masks while creating jobs in an uncertain economy.

Feature Story Water activists Debra Taylor and Monica Lewis-Patrick instruct volunteers on water delivery protocols on March 21, 2020, at St. Peter’s Episcopal church in Corktown.

Planet Detroit: Activists rush to deliver bottled water to Detroit residents as COVID-19 spreads

Although hand-washing has been recommended as the best and easiest way to prevent spreading the COVID-19 virus, this is difficult for the roughly 10,000 households in Detroit who don’t have access to running water. The inability to flush toilets could make this even worse. And, of course, these households still need water for drinking, cooking, and mixing infant formula.  

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Metro Detroit COVID-19 resources

We'll be updating this page as we find more resources for you. If you have any tips or want a resource listed here, please send an email.

Feature Story Gabriela Santiago-Romero and organizers in Southwest Detroit are surveying residents to see what community needs are amid COVID-19.

COVID-19: How Detroiters are building community, creating solutions

From online therapy to grocery deliveries, here's how residents and community organizations are pulling together in response to coronavirus.

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