Feature Story Joe Robinson

Hip-hop entrepreneur finds ways to give back to the community through buy land initiative, run club

Joe Robinson and his company APX Management have helped raise the profile of some of Detroit's most recognized hip-hop artists. And they’ve also begun giving back to the community in innovative ways.

Feature Story T-Mo's in the Live6 area.

New Detroit businesses help to further revitalize McNichols in Live6 corridor

Adding to the emerging development, a new barbecue joint and soon-to-be-opened cluster of businesses, including a bar, promise to bring a flurry of new activity to the Live6 area.

Feature Story Derq demonstrates the Jefferson and Randolph pilot at ITS America.

Here's how AI is working to improve safety at one of Detroit's most dangerous intersections

A recently completed pilot project aims to nip accidents in the bud by alerting drivers in advance to dangerous situations.

Feature Story Justin Snowden in downtown Detroit.

How sharing 'terabytes on terabytes' of mobility data improves safety, equity, and efficiency

Advanced mobility projects generate massive amounts of data that can have massive potential if it's made public. Here's how several metro Detroit projects are doing just that – and experiencing great results.

Feature Story Bathed in fuchsia light, a golden Madonna beckons to visitors of the Future Distortion installation.

Hygienic Dress League debuts Future Distortion installation as part of Detroit Art Week

Husband-and-wife team Steve and Dorota Coy give Model D a preview of their latest work that explores gender, religion, and industry.

Feature Story The Farmer's Hand closed down on June 30 and will reopen as Mink.

How the owners of Farmer's Hand, Folk, and Marrow could change the Detroit restaurant industry

It seems that Nest Egg LLC and Backbone Hospitality could be the first women-owned venture of its kind not only in Detroit, but the state’s restaurant industry. 

Feature Story Honcho in Clarkston

Top 10 coolest rehabs in Metro Detroit

From hidden chocolate shops to eccentric restaurants, Metro Detroiters are rehabilitating former fire stations, garages, Coney Islands, and churches to make way for new business.

Feature Story Orlando Bailey of the Eastside Community Network.

How activists are using art and science to address Michigan's water problems

From Mackinaw City to Flint to Detroit, activists are using a combination of art and science to keep water issues in the public consciousness, address inequities, and collaborate on solutions.

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