Feature Story Jeanine holds a photo of her grandmother in front of her house in 1965.

Keeping Detroit homes in the family for future generationsResilient Neighborhoods Feature

Detroit has more than 5,000 existing heirs’ properties with deceased owners. One nonprofit is helping to keep properties in the family.

Longform Detroit Parks Coalition staff and members in 2022.

Stewardship organizations advance equity in Detroit's parks at a grassroots level

Park stewardship organizations help neighborhood residents to advocate for the improvements they want to see in their parks.

Longform Derek Miller, program supervisor for Kalamazoo County’s Healty Babies Healthy Start & 4Dad Fatherhood Program, with Sidni Miller, community health worker, inside Kalamazoo County’s Health and Community Services building.

$5 million in federal funding will help 5 Michigan organizations reduce infant and maternal deaths

Five Michigan organizations will receive federal support of about $1 million each to improve maternal and infant health in the state.

Longform small-vac

Addressing cultural, language barriers that hinder health equity

Many people from refugee, immigrant, and migrant communities experience significant logistical barriers to COVID-19 vaccination. That’s where Disability Rights Michigan has stepped in to increase access

Feature Story Marcus and Joan Belgrave

Detroit jazz legend Marcus Belgrave's legacy preserved in new songbook

Although Belgrave built a bullet-proof reputation as a performer and jazz mentor, few familiar with his ocean of accomplishments knew he was also a prolific composer. His passion for schooling generations of jazz musicians often overshadowed the music he composed during his storied career.

Feature Story Detroit's population change

Mapping Detroit: Where are Detroit's 1,852 newest residents living?

As a majority Black city, the historic population losses are among Detroit’s Black middle class and families who seek better schools and safer neighborhoods. Detroit had a historic loss of over 25 percent of its population between 2000 and 2010.

Feature Story ADS shuttle pilot

With seniors and disabled in mind, Detroit pilots self-driving public transit

The shuttles, a cross between a city bus and a rideshare, run along fixed stops, but instead of the usual bus schedule, they can be summoned by app, phone number or website provided to those who take part in the program. The shuttle will alert them how far away they are from the stop, and pick up the rider.

Feature Story LifeWaysList

LifeWays takes a whole person-centered care approach to health care

LifeWays, a Community Mental Health Services Program and Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) utilizes whole person-centered care for their patients in Jackson and Hillsdale counties. Person-centered care is integrated care served in a collaborative manner between patient and provider. Care is guided by the patients’ goals, preferences and values.

Longform small-sensory

Sensory-friendly spaces play key role in improving health equity

The Autism Alliance of Michigan has been a leader in encouraging clinics to create safe spaces by including sensory rooms.  

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