Feature Story Uche

“Elevate Your Voice” Entrepreneur Spotlight: Uche Ndubuisi

"Inside of everybody there is something they are born to give to the generation we are born into, but it took time for me to be able to discover the kind of business that I was born to do," says Uche Ndubuisi, owner of the Inkster African & Caribbean Market.

Feature Story Dion

“Elevate Your Voice” Entrepreneur Spotlight: Dion Chapmon

"We are all about family and building a stronger community by sharing information and guidance and education through experiences with the next generation that's coming up behind us," says Dion Chapman, owner of A Cut Above the Rest Barbershop, based in River Rouge.

Feature Story Mapping Detroit coffee shops

Mapping Detroit: Coffee Shops and Community Building

Gathering spaces in Detroit are a hot commodity and not easy to come by, so the loss of just one is usually a substantial hit to the community. A handful of new baristas are trying their hand at pop-up coffee offerings and we can’t wait until they have some physical space to add to the growing demand.

Longform CEDAM’s Emily Reyst with Boot Camp graduate Christine Holmes, Woodbridge Neighborhood Development director of policy and property development.

CEDAM Real Estate Boot Camp readies Michigan’s emerging developers

The Community Economic Development Association of Michigan is addressing the demand for affordable housing across the state. It’s real estate development boot camp provides tools and training for developers and community members within their neighborhoods.   

Longform Access to affordable child care plays a critical role in families finding secure employment.

Underfunding early child care has far-reaching impactsPreK for All a step in the right direction

The U.S economy loses an estimated $122 billion a year through lost earnings, productivity, and tax revenue because of the challenge parents have in finding early child care.

Feature Story Silverback Academy

Locally-led Highland Park wrestling club connects with youth

“The academy also instilled in me a solid work ethic by having to learn fundamentals and skills by repetition, practice, and training, as well as focusing on my goals,” says Cordell Clyburn, a proud Silverback Academy alumni. "The overall lesson is 'don't let nobody beat you by outworking you, it’s your life'.”

Feature Story Nada

“Elevate Your Voice” Entrepreneur Spotlight: Nada Hassan

"I have friends and family who live here, and I feel that there is a need for exposure to art, especially for younger kids," says Nada Hassan, owner of Dearborn's Paint with Nada.

Feature Story NEI

“Elevate Your Voice” Entrepreneur Spotlight: LaWanda Hines

"I decided to take my own flower class from a very prominent designer that's well known throughout the US, and I fell in love with flowers," says LaWanda Hines, co-owner of Now and Forever Flower Boutique. 

Feature Story U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow

U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow and community mental healthMI Mental Health interview shares why she has worked so hard for mental health care

Q&A with U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow shares why she has worked so hard and so long to improve community mental health. 

Longform Sherlynn James works hard to help her Black and brown clients overcome barriers to home ownership.

Dismantling racism means removing barriers to home ownership

Owning a home is a huge part of the American Dream for those that call Michigan home. It is also one of the keys to building wealth, which many Black families have learned and now strive for.

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