Local photographer Brian Day captures Detroit for Apple project

Detroit photographer Brian Day is among 30-plus Black photographers nationwide commissioned by Apple to capture and share their hometowns with the world through their unique lens, all shot on iPhone 12 Pro.

"I think of Blackness as a shared socioeconomic bond that is almost universally understood by Black people. It’s 'Joy and Pain,' as Frankie Beverly would sing. It’s a legacy of surviving and even thriving despite certain forces that would perhaps rather not even see us exist. It’s in the way we attack problems, and it’s in our intellectual view of the world around us. It’s the good that we’ve built and the bad that we’ve endured, which makes us defiant toward opposing forces but also sympathetic to individuals we don’t even know. It’s a mutual appreciation that we are collectively running the same gauntlet, no matter what city we live in."

Read more about Apple's Homegrown project here and check out Day's Instagram profile here.


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