1515 Cafe serving coffee and more on Broadway

1515 Broadway has been many things -- theater, performance hall, meeting space and dance club, to name a few -- since it opened back in 1987. Owner Chris Jaszczak had long dreamed of having it also function as a cafe during the day. Now, with the help of cafe manager Daniel Martinez, that dream has been achieved.

Cafe 1515 is open daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., and later on show nights. The menu includes coffee, gelato, muffins, bagels, sandwiches, pastries and chips. There is outdoor and indoor seating, and Wi-Fi is coming soon.

Martinez says that Downtown residents and employees have been making use of the new cafe since it opened in the spring -- Tigers fans, not so much. "Maybe if we sold Budweiser or Miller Lite," he laughs, adding that they do plan to eventually add a beer and liquor license for shows.

As for the location, Martinez thinks it can't be beat. "There's a New York feeling, with the 'subway' rolling overhead," he says.  "There's foot traffic from the Y, Small Plates and the brewery -- of all of Downtown, it has the most alive feeling."

Coming up on the 1515 docket is "Sharing the Gift," a Christian multi-genre performance, scheduled for 6 p.m. July 26.

1515 Broadway can be reached at 313-965-1515.

Source: Chris Jaszczak and Daniel Martinez, 1515 Broadway
Writer: Kelli B. Kavanaugh