With an emphasis on affordability, new apartment building opens in Milwaukee Junction

What it is: A 25-unit residential development has opened its doors to residents in the Milwaukee Junction neighborhood of Detroit. The new-build 4-story Milwaukee Junction Apartments feature a large common area, private parking, bike storage, 1,800 sq. ft. of ground floor retail space, and more.

Where it is: 258 E. Milwaukee St.

Why it’s notable: Of its 25 total units, 20 units have been reserved at affordable housing rates of 40 to 80 percent of the area median income. This means that 20 of the 25 units can be rented for $454 to $945 per month, with water included.

The Milwaukee Junction Apartment building was developed by Detroit Catholic Pastoral Alliance (DCPA) and Bingham Farms-based MHT Housing at an approximate cost of $8 million. The DCPA developed the building to ensure that affordable housing options remain in the increasingly popular Milwaukee Junction neighborhood. The 20 affordable units are the same as the remaining five.

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What they’re saying: “We know that those who are making the least sometimes need the most help,” says Cleophus Bradley, director of operations for the Detroit Catholic Pastoral Alliance. “We also believe that affordable housing done right, does the most good to create housing options that are every bit as good as non-affordable housing. Just because they cannot afford to pay more does not mean they deserve less.”

What else they’re saying: “This is truly a mixed-income development, one that is representative of the community as a whole,” says Julie Schneider, director of the Housing, Planning and Development Department for the City of Detroit. “It is so important that we create developments and neighborhoods with Detroiters of all walks of life together instead of sectioning off people based on their income. It also creates affordable housing opportunities in an area experiencing rising rents. A successful city is an inclusive city, and this is why it is one of our key missions as a department.”

[From May 11, 2021: Milwaukee Junction’s economic development could provide template for Southwest Detroit and beyond]

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