Build Institute looks to early 2023 in opening new coworking space in Corktown

What’s happening: Like many plans that predate 2020, the Build Institute’s intentions for its then-new headquarters in Corktown were waylaid by the COVID-19 pandemic. The entrepreneur development nonprofit first moved to its headquarters at The Corner mixed-use development in 2019. They had always intended to utilize much of their 3,500 sq. ft. as an affordable coworking space, but in the days of social distancing and restrictions on indoor gatherings, it was understandably not the time to invest in coworking. Those plans are finally being realized, however, as work is underway on constructing a new coworking space at Build. And you can expect an early 2023 opening, says Regina Ann Campbell, President and CEO of Build Institute.

What they’re building: The interior design studio Concetti, a graduate of the Build Institute’s entrepreneur courses, has been tapped to transform a good portion of the Build Institute into a modern coworking space. Members will have access to the coworking areas, conference room, private rooms, high-speed internet, printing services, a business address, and more. Build Institute already has a space for food pop-ups, where budding food entrepreneurs can sell their goods. 

Who they are: Build Institute launched in 2012 and offers entrepreneurship courses, access to low-interest capital, community building events, and more. Their programs have graduated more than 2,000 aspiring entrepreneurs. It’s a list that includes such notable Detroit entrepreneurs as April Anderson of Good Cakes and Bakes, Jevona Watson of Detroit Sip, and Lisa Ludwinski of Sister Pie.

Why it’s important: “This is an environment where we know that entrepreneurs will feel welcome. This is a safe space for folks,” Campbell says. “Build provides entrepreneurs education and support. And one of the things that we believe in is having a place where health and wellness is important. So when they come in, it's going to feel like a place that is safe, where they can engage each other, do business, and build relationships.”

Build Institute is located in Suite 120 at 1620 Michigan Ave. in Detroit.

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