City touts plans for East Warren-Cadieux improvements through Strategic Neighborhood Fund

The neighborhoods surrounding the East Warren Avenue and Cadieux Road corridors are the latest targets of the Strategic Neighborhood Fund, a neighborhood investment strategy that partners corporations with communities to fuel investment. The City of Detroit released its plans for the neighborhood Monday, March 15.

At least $7.5 million will be invested into neighborhoods including Cornerstone Village, East English Village, and MorningSide, bringing targeted investment by way of corporate dollars thanks to neighborhood partner Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. This is the eighth of ten Strategic Neighborhood Funds to be announced.

“This plan allows us to leverage the things happening in the neighborhood and increase the quality of life and value for existing residents,” says Katy Trudeau, interim director of the city’s Planning & Development Department. “This is a historic corridor for the city of Detroit, and we are excited how the plan honors the corridor’s history while supporting new businesses in the neighborhood at the same time.”

In Cornerstone Village and MorningSide, neighborhood stabilization efforts will rehabilitate vacant homes and demolish those deemed too dilapidated. The community engagement process revealed that residents strongly prefer preservation to demolition. Work will begin this spring to improve area parks and greenways with an emphasis placed on Balduck Park.

Streetscape improvements will be made along a stretch of East Warren between 3 Mile and Cadieux roads in order to improve business along the commercial corridor. Improvements include fixing sidewalks and public lighting as well as implementing measures to slow traffic. Programs like Motor City Match will be promoted to assist existing businesses and draw new ones to the area.

Efforts will also be made to draw new multifamily and mixed-use housing to the area, with the stated intent to maintain affordability in the neighborhoods.

“The East Warren-Cadieux corridor is an integral part of the revitalization of Detroit,” says Councilmember Andre Spivey, who represents District 4, which includes the neighborhood. “The history of this area has a connecting line to its present activities, filled with strong neighborhoods, new businesses, and improved infrastructure. The completion and implementation of the East Warren-Cadieux plan will make this area another destination for visitors and home for new residents.

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