Plum Health settles into new Corktown offices, plans for growth

Plum Health, the direct primary care practice founded in 2016 by Dr. Paul Thomas, has left its Southwest Detroit beginnings for one of the most high-profile developments in the city: The Corner mixed-use development located at the site of the old Tiger Stadium.

The move to the 1,700-square-foot space results from a significant increase in the amount of patients Thomas serves, from 8 in November 2016 to more than 550 active patients today.

Thomas hired Dr. Raquel Orlich this summer and, with the move, a third physician will be hired, meaning that Plum Health will eventually be able to serve more than 1,500 patients from their new Corktown offices.

"We believe that health care should be affordable and accessible for everyone, and this new office takes us one step closer to that goal," says Thomas.

"Our new family medicine office is warm and inviting, and we look forward to serving the medical needs of our community from this space for many years to come."

In June 2018, Model D wrote that Dr. Thomas "could disrupt the field of primary care" because Plum Health offers direct primary care services based on a subscription model. Rather than charge patients for each visit and service rendered, patients pay a set fee each month, gaining direct access to doctors as needed.

Patients also have access to wholesale medications, at-cost imaging services, and at-cost lab work.

No health insurance is required for Plum Health services.

Plum Health is located in Ste. 125 of 1620 Michigan Ave. in Corktown.

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