Cass Corridog pet supply retailer now open inside the Auburn Building

The newest tenant to open inside the Auburn Building is Cass Corridog, a retail store selling pet care and nutrition products.
Michelle Potas has operated Woofbridge Feed & Supply out of Canine to Five on Cass Ave. for the last two years. She will no longer be operating out of this location, instead moving everything to one place. She will also be introducing a pet bakery as part of the new store, which is why it also has a new name.
Potas says she outgrew her old space over a year ago, and was interested in moving in the Auburn but at the time all of the spaces were full. When space became available again she got back in touch. Cass Corridog celebrated its soft opening this past weekend.
Her new space gives her 800 square feet of selling and storage space, versus the 150 square feet she had at Woodbridge. This required her to have off-site storage a mile away and she was only able to carry one of each item in the store at a time. "Now I don't have to wait (until I can run to storage to replace inventory) and not be able to give customers what they need," she says.
Of the many changes and additions you'll see at Cass Corridog, there will be a greatly-expanded selection of cat food and supplies, some small animal and fish supplies, and natural foods. They will also be doing some events in the future, partnering with rescue groups for single-day fundraising events and also offering guided dog-walking tours.
Though Potas was located inside of a doggy day care facility, most of her clientele were walk-ins. (Dog-parents often being too busy dropping off or picking up their pets to do any shopping.) With the vibrant, walkable community emerging at Cass and Canfield, Potas is confident that this will be an ideal location for her.
Source: Michelle Potas, owner of Cass Corridog
Writer: Nicole Rupersburg

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