Community lot with 42 spaces opens in Corktown, servicing Slow's and three yet-to-open businesses

On 14th St. just south of Michigan Avenue, a community parking lot has opened to service all neighborhood businesses on the block, including Slow's Bar B Q, O'Connor Real Estate and Development, LJ's Lounge and High Bias Recordings. The lot was completed just in time to help out with a loss of parking caused by the current resurfacing of Michigan Avenue. It will service existing and yet-to-open businesses, as street parking tends to fill up quickly in the area.

The lot has 42 spaces and is paved with concrete. "We could have put in more parking spots, but instead we created larger areas for the runoff to go into," says Ryan Cooley of O'Connor. "It was designed so that (the runoff) doesn't go into the drainage system, but into the earth."

Slow's funded the lot, but is prepared to share with its neighbors new and old. "There's a need for it with a few new businesses opening up," says Cooley. The block should soon see a burger joint in the former Mercury Bar, a coffee house and a classic cocktail lounge. As always, more info on all of these to come.

Source: Ryan Cooley, O'Connor
Writer: Kelli B. Kavanaugh

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