Dalgliesh Cadillac to house TechTown expansion

TechTown has purchased Dalgleish Cadillac at Cass and Amsterdam for an expansion of its TechOne business incubator, which is located nearby at 440 Burroughs. The 130,000-square-foot TechTwo will more than double the organization's space for small businesses and start-ups, bringing the total available square footage to approximately 200,000.

The building was built in 1902 as the first Cadillac plant, and the Dalgleish family has been selling Cadillacs there since 1964. The dealership was closed by General Motors in 2009, and they remain a tenant in it as "they wrap up business," says Henry Argasinski, TechTown's real estate and facilities manager. "We're looking at stepping into the building somewhere from 30 to 60 days from now."

TechTwo will be similar in character to TechOne, with office and lab space, with a "heavy emphasis on new entrepreneurial companies and SmartStart and FastTrac training (graduates)," says Argasinski. TechTown has already assembled a list of potential tenants comprised of some current occupants of TechOne that have outgrown their space as well as the aforementioned program graduates looking to hang a shingle in the neighborhood.

Companies interested in leasing space at TechTown should contact Argasinski at [email protected] or 313-483-1329. TechTown is sponsoring TechTown meets Hockeytown on Feb. 11 when the Red Wings take on the Sharks. Arganinski says the night will be chance to meet tenants in an informal setting. Watch a podcast interview in which he discusses the unique challenges of managing Michigan's largest business incubator here.

Source: Henry Argasinski, TechTown
Writer: Kelli B. Kavanaugh