D:hive accepting applications for rotating retail pop-up program Pilot starting June 6

After inviting Pot & Box to temporarily set up shop inside D:hive as a pilot to its new Pilot program, D:hive will start accepting applications on June 6 for the next pop-up retail tenant.
"Lisa (Waud, of Pot & Box) was part of a focus group and a test case," says April Boyle, Director of Recruitment for D:hive. D:hive wanted to see if there was a need for something like this and if people would even want it. The response was positive, and so Pilot was launched.
Pilot is a rotating retail pop-up project in the 375 square feet of space available inside D:hive (that was formerly the home of D:pop) on Woodward. "The whole idea came out of our BUILD class when we kept hearing over and over again that there's not a lot of move-in-ready space that's affordable," Boyle says. "I'm in love with the idea of pop-ups as a way to test ideas and see if you like doing the fantasy in your mind before investing your life savings or taking out a huge loan."
While BUILD alumni are certainly encouraged to apply, Pilot is open to all entrepreneurs with a service or retail concept and a savvy approach to marketing and programming to get people in the door. The space has no street presence and foot traffic is minimal, so aspiring entrepreneurs need to show how they plan to overcome that. "We're looking for detailed proposals. We want them to show they have a marketing strategy. We want them to think about numbers, like if there's inventory, and have a vision for interior design, how they are going to staff, what kind of programming they are going to have … we don't want them to fail. We want to make sure they're prepared."
Participants will receive two months rent-free in the space, as well as marketing and graphic design support and buildout reimbursement of the white box space of up to $500. They'll also receive event planning support and a reimbursement for an opening party.
The next concept will be allowed to move in on Aug. 1 with an opening date of Aug. 12. A new concept will debut quarterly.

"Our ultimate goal is to have success with four entrepreneurs that are coming in and get them into permanent spaces," Boyle says.
Source: April Boyle, Director of Recruitment for D:hive
Writer: Nicole Rupersburg

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