Super-green housing in store for Midtown's El Moore

While Peggy and Tom Brennan have their hands full with the Green Garage, they've made moves to acquire additional Midtown property for their next venture: a sustainable residential complex. The four-story El Moore and several neighboring parcels on Alexandrine between Second and Third have been purchased towards achieving that end.

While the complete renovation of the El Moore is a long-term project, the Brennans have secured it and plan to maintain the exterior and the lots around it until they can begin construction. "The idea is to keep that building safe and in the community," says Tom. They plan to involve said community in the renovation, much as they have at the Green Garage. "It's the same sustainability model, just residential as opposed to business."

David Knapp owns a duplex across the street from the El Moore and he's happy to see the property land in steady hands. "I've been here seven years and can count four owners," he says. "It's such an awesome building, important to the neighborhood, and anything positive there is positive for me."

While Knapp, an architect by trade, has been following the progress of the Green Garage with interest, he admits that the El Moore's green-ness isn't what interests him most about its new owners. "How they program it, I really don't care," he says. "If they can save the building, I'd be tickled silly -- if it gets put to good uses by good people, all the better."

The El Moore is 14,000 square feet and was built in the 1890s. The Brennan's purchase of vacant parcels around the building will give future residents the space to grow their own food.

Sources: Peggy and Tom Brennan, Green Garage and David Knapp
Writer: Kelli B. Kavanaugh

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