Forman Mills discount clothing opens Highland Park warehouse store in former Model T factory.

A portion of Highland Park’s Model T factory is now home to a Forman Mills Clothing Factory Warehouse. The store’s grand opening took place on Friday, Aug. 4, in the new store adjacent to the Model T Plaza on Woodward.

55,000-square-feet of the historic Ford factory, designed by architect Albert Kahn and built in 1910 for the world’s first automated assembly-line-produced automobile, was converted into retail space for the discount clothing store. This is the third Forman Mills location to open up in Detroit since March.

“We are proud to be part of the positive energy in Highland Park,” says Richard Forman, president of Forman Mills. “The market here is growing fast and will continue to expand. Forman Mills is one of many new retailers that will step up to the plate to meet the need of providing local shopping options to the Highland Park community.”

The Philadelphia-based discount clothing chain has made a name for itself by opening stores in urban markets often neglected by other retailers. Other Forman Mills stores in Detroit are located in the Eastside Warren-Conner neighborhood and at Van Dyke and 8 Mile.

Source: Forman Mills Clothing Factory Warehouse