GM, Detroit, Hamtramck lead way with solar car charging stations

General Motors, Detroit and Hamtramck are helping lead the way this year when it comes automotive sustainability. All three institutions are now the home to solar-powered electric charging stations for the new Chevrolet Volt.

The Volt, a primarily electric-powered car, is being built at the Detroit-Hamtrack assembly plant. That's the first place GM has installed 34 electric charging stations at the plant with 10 of those stations powered by Solar Tree solar panels from Envision Solar International. Similar solar systems will also be installed at the Warren Technical Center and Milford Proving Grounds. Eighteen electric charging stations are being installed in and around the Renaissance Center.

"We're going to put quite a few in GM facilities," says Scott Fosgard, a spokesman for GM. "We're not done."

DTE Energy and Consumers Energy are pledging to install 5,000 of these electric charging stations for the Volt. GM plans to install 350 such electric charging stations, and has already made about 100 useable in Michigan. GM also plans to install these electric charging station in 1,500 automotive dealerships across the U.S. that are authorized to sell or provide service to the Volt, which is set to launch in 2011.

Source: Scott Fosgard, spokesman for General Motors
Writer: Jon Zemke

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