Greendome heads to Kickstarter to fund vision of off-grid geodesic greenhouse

Corktown resident Travis Roberts, Jr. is teaming up with Detroit Evolution's Angela and Gregg Newsom on an initiative called GreenDome, a 35-foot-diameter geodesic dome greenhouse that will enable Roberts to farm year-round on a lot leased from the city. The dome will be off-grid by employing chickens, compost and low-cost goethermal in heating and its design will emphasize rain catchment. Production will be maximized by growing from both the ground and the ceiling.

GreenDome first debuted at Soup at Spaulding, a weekly dinner-slash-fundraising event. Each installation of Soup at Spaulding raises funds for both a selected community project and the renovation of Spaulding Court.

The next step is construction, which begins this week and should wrap up on Sept. 23 with installation planned for Oct. 1. Construction will employ conduit, lumber and glass that is reclaimed from deconstructed buildings. A full construction schedule can be found at Detroit Domes.

GreenDome has taken to Kickstarter to raise its financial goal of $638 -- more info on that here. Backers have until Sept. 15 to contribute.

Source: Gregg Newsom, Detroit Domes and Detroit Evolution
Writer: Kelli B. Kavanaugh

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