Historic Piano Warehouse to be reborn as a residential building

Grinnell Brothers Piano Warehouse in Corktown is currently being redeveloped and converted into residential living.  Grinnell Place Development, LLC has engaged BVH Architecture and The Garrison Company, firms known for their adaptive reuse of vintage buildings, to restore and renovate the early 1900’s Warehouse.  Located on Michigan Ave and Brooklyn in Corktown, and called the Grinnell Place Lofts, these 36 loft-style units are for sale.

Corktown “is a true walking community, and every month there seems to be more evidence of that with the new businesses and restaurants opening. It is a true neighborhood with families seen outside, kids playing out on the streets, and area residents preferring to walk from their homes and lofts to local restaurants and bars,” said Mark Wilcox, Vice President of The Garrison Company.

“There is a real trend for loft living in Detroit,” said Wilcox.  “For every person that’s buying a unit in the city today, there are least two or three other people just waiting behind them for more lofts to be built for them.”  Also, he said, “higher gasoline prices are positively affecting the residential market in Detroit.  People are now assessing the cost of commuting in addition to the hours consumed driving to and from the city every day.”

- Source: Mark Wilcox, Vice President of The Garrison Company and partner in Grinnell Place Development