Ferretti's Monumental Kitty sculpture makes its home in N. Corktown

Fueled by Kickstarter funds and nearly 3,000 salvaged bricks, artist Jerome Ferretti has constructed a Monumental Kitty sculpture in North Corktown. Located at the north end of the pedestrian overpass that stretches over I-75 at Cochrane Street, the cat's head measures nine feet in diameter and stretches more than seven feet tall to the tips of its ears. A twisting tail and paw are yet to be built.

The dome that forms the cat's head is supported by gravel and an underlying layer of brick. All bricks and the limestone ears were reclaimed, some by Ferretti himself and some from the Imagination Station.

Inspiration for the design came from architect Antoni Gaudi, Corktown's abundance of cats and the Detroit Lions and Tigers. Ferretti also references the mythical part-cat, part-human Sphinx that ate anyone that could not answer its riddles. "That's my relationship to Corktown," he jokes.

Monumental Kitty was partially funded by Loveland.

Ferretti has a show up at the Cass Cafe until November 24. Cats, meat and his North Corktown community are themes that can be found in his new work.

Source: Jerome Ferretti
Writer: Kelli B. Kavanaugh

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