Blues vet opens Mo' Sound label and studio in Hamtramck

For years, Mike Boulan, the owner of Detroit's No Cover Productions, wanted to expand his offerings beyond the homegrown blues musicians he champions. His new label expands on sound, if not geography.

"The first label was all Detroit blues, so the Detroit focus has always been there," Boulan says. "I've traveled a bit, and everywhere I've went, the music just doesn't really compare to here, where we live. I just like to be part of that. Documenting it is something I've always enjoyed doing."

It took a chance encounter at a blues night hosted by Kelly's Bar in Hamtramck for the idea to take shape -- a Detroit-centric studio and label called Mo' Sound & Light. Boulan found out the bar, which is located across the street from Cafe 1923 on Holbrook, had two empty apartments in the 1890's-era building. The veteran soundman, along with partner Lightshow Bob, have spent the past 10 months remodeling the space --refinishing the floors, hanging posters, creating a lounge and moving in equipment. They've already recorded a potential Buddy Smith commercial for H&R Block and released an album from John Sinclair. This Saturday, Looking Up At Down, who recorded their debut album in the Hamtramck space, will celebrate their opening at the New Way bar in Ferndale.

"I did 130 releases on my first label, and most of the bands I've worked with for the past 15 years have come back for multiple projects," Boulan says. "As a producer, what the artist wants is what I want. I don't try to come in and produce the record and tell them how to do it."

Mo' Sound & Light Productions is located at 2405 Holbrook on the second floor. Call Mike Boulan at (248) 398-6877 or contact him through the No Cover website.

Source: Mike Boulan, co-owner, Mo Sound Studios
Writer: Ashley C. Woods
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