Artist and community create Prince Valley mural depicting 'history of the future'

Gigante Prince Valley Supermercado on Michigan Avenue is being graced with a large -- 18-1/2 by 138 feet -- mural on its east face as part of the community+public arts:DETROIT (CPAD) program. Project artist Juan-Carlos Hern, along with assistant Nivek Monet and a cast of neighborhood kids, created and painted the design, entitled "History of the Future."

"Kids are the primary subjects, and there are subtle symbols and imagery (that reflect) the diverse community," says Hern. "The kids are depicting imaginations, the unlimited possibilities of the creative power of imagination." To wit, one child plays a horn that emits bubbles that transform into fruit- and vegetable-shaped hot air balloons.

Other CPAD projects include installations at Patton and Clark parks and Talking Fence in Brightmoor. The program is facilitated by College for Creative Studies.

Prince Valley is at 5931 Michigan Ave. Call 313-898-9717.

Source: Juan-Carlos Hern
Writer: Kelli B. Kavanaugh

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