49 units renovated as supportive housing at St. Aubin and Canfield

Construction is wrapping up at St. Aubin Square, an $8.47 million renovation of a vacant housing project that will now be leased to women and families that have been victims of domestic violence and/or previously homeless. The development consists of seven buildings that comprise a total of 28 townhouse units and one that holds 21 apartment units. Work completed includes the replacement of mechanical, electrical, safety and security systems, windows and roofs.

St. Aubin Square is located in Poletown at the southeast corner of St. Aubin and Canfield. Bert Famularo, of developer Shelborne Development, characterizes the area as a "neighborhood in transition." He explains, "Along St. Aubin, there are some blocks (where buildings have been) torn down and cleared and you can find a lot of run down, vacated homes. But we are directly across the street from St. Albertus, which is just gorgeous, and just a couple of blocks away from I-75. This is a real nice starting point for this area to be redeveloped."

St. Aubin Square was funded by Michigan Housing and Development Authority Section 1602 and Detroit HOME funds and brownfield tax credits. The Coalition of Temporary Shelters (COTS) and Detroit Central City will provide on-site services to residents.

Famularo says the community has been welcoming to the development. "We had over 125 (potential tenants) on our application list before we were even done with construction," he says. "It's being very well received in the area."
Source: Bart Famularo, Shelborne Development
Writer: Kelli B. Kavanaugh