Facade improvements on W. Vernor targeted at Springwells area

Southwest Detroit Business Association (SDBA) is targeting its Office of Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization facade improvement funds in a specific area: along West Vernor near Springwells. Myrna Segura, the program manager, refers to this focus area as "space frame to space frame" because of the overhead sculpture that literally frames that stretch of road.

Work was completed on Paul's Pizza last year, and next up is Mardini Market at 7647-49 W. Vernor, which will receive a $18,000 facelift that was designed by architect Steven C. Flum. Construction will begin in the spring. An application for $30,000 in improvements to the old Bi-Rite Building at 5700 W. Vernor is currently under review.

Segura says that SDBA is currently looking for different funding sources to expand the program. The organization hope to address signage for buildings in the focus area, even those that might be vacant. They are also exploring working with artists to design window displays.

SDBA is also managing facade improvements in Mexicantown, where applications are under review for Honeybee Market and the former Detroit Police Third Precinct.

Segura says there is funding remaining for businesses in both districts. Contact her at 313-842-0986 x36 for more information and an application. JP Morgan Chase also contributed to the facade fund.

Source: Myrna Segura, SDBA
Writer: Kelli B. Kavanaugh

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