Five 420-friendly destinations with Detroit cannabis chef Enid Parham

Welcome to the #modeldexplorerseries, where you can follow some of Detroit's leaders and icons on Model D's Instagram and see the city through their eyes.
This past week we had Enid Parham, a.k.a. Chef Sunflower, take over our social media accounts as part of the Model D Explorer Series. Parham is a highly-esteemed chef in her own right and is perhaps best known for Lucky Pistil, her private catering company that specializes in custom dinners that feature a special ingredient: Cannabis. The chef was recently recognized for her cannabis-infused dinners, winning the Best Cannabis Chef in Michigan award from the website.

“I really want to change people’s conceptions of cannabis and to bring in a healthy concept,” Parham told Model D this past February. “I want to destigmatize a lot of things people feel about cannabis because it’s just a plant. And it’s a healing plant.”

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Throughout her takeover, Parham showcased some of her own culinary creations, featured some of her favorite Detroit pizza spots, and brought us into her world, offering a behind the scenes look at one of Lucky Pistil’s private events. We caught up with Parham after the takeover and she shared some of her favorite cannabis-centric destinations in Detroit and throughout the region. From yoga studios to selfie studios, cannabis culture is alive and well from the city to the country and back again.

CannaPose opened Aug. 27CannaPose

Selfie studios have become quite the trendy destination over the past several years, opening everywhere from Las Vegas to Ferndale. The studios create eye-popping backdrops for people to come and take selfies with their friends, making a business out of Instagram shareables. In Detroit, one of the latest is CannaPose, a cannabis-themed selfie studio. 

“On Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays they have CannaPose. It’s on the westside of Detroit and they have these different stations set up in this warehouse space where you go in and take pictures — it’s like a selfie exhibit but pertaining to cannabis,” Parham says. “They have different cannabis-themed rooms and you just go in there and take pictures. I’ve heard they have over 20 pose stations where you can take pictures, and all with cannabis themes.”

The Michigan Squeeze StationSacred Not Sorry at The Michigan Squeeze Station

The Detroit-based nonprofit organization Sacred Not Sorry is a healing community for women and non-binary genders. The Michigan Squeeze Station, an organic food, juice, and smoothie cafe on Michigan Avenue, regularly hosts the group’s events.

“They have features on Fridays for Sacred Not Sorry at the Michigan Squeeze Station in Southwest. On Fridays, they have poetry, different food vendors that come through, a pop-up shop. It’s very cool and it’s cannabis-friendly.”

Touring Ann Arbor with a unique bentWacky Weed Tours of Ann Arbor

Straight from the home of Hash Bash comes Wacky Weed Tours of Ann Arbor, a walking tour of Ann Arbor and its dispensaries, with plenty of surprises along the way. As the website says, “Our tour is part history, part mystery, a lot of laughs and cannabis facts thrown in for good measure.”

“They take you on tours of Ann Arbor, different funny cultural things and tell you stories,” says Parham. “It’s basically a tour but they tell you a lot of stories and it’s pretty fun.”

ElevatedYogi is located at the Cannabis Counsel law firm in DetroitElevatedYogi

ElevatedYogi offers cannabis-friendly yoga sessions from their studio at the Cannabis Counsel law firm in downtown Detroit.

“They don’t sell cannabis products but you can partake beforehand and go practice yoga. It’s out of Cannabis Counsel downtown. It’s basically yoga but cannabis-friendly.”

Going for a hike

“The fifth is just something that I like doing, which is going hiking and getting out in nature while partaking in cannabis. Me and my cousin, we go on different hiking trails around Michigan, listen to music, and have fun. We go up north, like Independence Park in the Clarkston area; we go to the Ann Arbor area and some of their trails. One of my favorites is the Bald Mountain trail in Lake Orion.”

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