On the Ground: Brightmoor on film

Over the last few months, we have written a lot about what's happening in Brightmoor, a neighborhood in Northwest Detroit on the vanguard of neighborhood-scale innovation in the city. As we conclude the Brightmoor chapter of our "On the Ground" series, we present to you a more personal view of the neighborhood courtesy of Cass Corridor Films.

In the video, you will meet Riet Schumack, who, along with her husband Mark, runs a farm/bed and breakfast at the couple's home along the floodplain of the Rouge River (read about her in UIX). You will also hear from Dan Bandrowski, co-director of Wellspring, a 27-year-old, faith-based youth development center in Brightmoor that features the state's only non-profit Kumon Center.

Also featured is Roslyn English, a young leader in Brightmoor who is the Executive Director of D.A.N.C.E., a non-profit organization that offers a variety of free dance classes for kids at the Brightmoor Community Center and assembles nationally competitive dance troupes. You will also get a peek inside of the Kids' Corner Free Art Club, which we featured earlier in the series.

We visited with cameras to give you a sneak peak, but now it's time for you to go visit Brightmoor for yourself. Be careful--Brightmoor visitors have been known to end up living there.

Video by Cass Corridor Films
Camera by Oren Goldenberg
Produced by Matthew Lewis
Music by Steven Kowalski