Historic Cochrane House bed-and-breakfast to host life coaching sessions

Coaching at The Cochrane will feature a presentation from acclaimed Detroit life coach Monica Marie Jones, who will host two sessions. 

The first, Manifest and Manage Your Money on September 28, will teach attendees how to shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. How to identify money magnet affirmations and teach several financial management and investing strategies while providing resources and tools. 

The second, Journ and Burn on October 26, is mental health-focused, teaching attendees how to release that which no longer serves them and replace old “scripts” with affirmations and gratitude to attract the habits, things, thoughts, and relationships that they truly desire.

Both sessions are $30 each and will include session materials, light refreshments, and a tour of the house. 

The co-hosts of the events, Roderica and Francina James—sisters and owners of the Cochrane House say that they “believe that this event is important to the uplifting and building the community’s mental health and financial literacy.” 

Roderica says, “We are happy to have Monica Marie Jones in our space to provide this much-needed information to our community. The best way to ensure well-being for our brothers and sisters is to provide them with the tools they need to thrive.”

Both sisters note that they look forward to hosting more events of the like in the future. 

The Cochrane House opened in 2019 with just a few months of operation under their belt before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The Black-owned business is tastefully appointed with neutral colors, elegant art pieces, and lavish furniture to give the feel of a luxury home magazine. 

Monica Marie Jones is an experienced coaching professional. She’s written several articles for Model D Media about how to navigate life and working from home during the pandemic. 

We first profiled Jones in 2019 as she encouraged Detroiters to get “unstuck” and become their best selves. 

She notes that her expertise in behavior, mindset, and positive change coupled with deep compassion allows her to support my clients through major transitions in their lives and facilitate big breakthroughs in their careers, businesses, relationships, health, and money. 

“To put it simply,” Jones says, “I help you to get unstuck and live out your vision of a highly successful life. Nothing fills me up more than to see my clients win.” 

The Manifest and Manage Your Money coaching session is Sept. 28, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., and is open to the public for $30. 

Journ and Burn is October 26, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., and is also open to the public for $30. 

For more information about the coaching sessions, visit her website. For more information about The Cochrane House, including to make a reservation—visit them here.
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