Detroit nonprofit seeks to send kids to Puerto Rico for healing justice program

Detroit Heals Detroit, a nonprofit founded by young Detroit residents with a focus on the concept of healing justice and translating trauma to transformation, will be hosting what it calls a “groundbreaking”  program to bring radical healing to formerly incarcerated Detroit youth.

The nonprofit is launching its Travel Immersion Program this year, which they say will utilize travel, healing-centered engagement and youth organizing to help lower the recidivism rate people aged 18-23. 

No country has locked up more of its own people per capita than the U.S. Their goal in this 12-week program is “to give these young people their purpose and power back that society otherwise would have tried to take away from them, indefinitely. Giving them a piece of their power back that essentially undercuts the likelihood of recidivism.”

At the end of the 12 weeks, which include courses on healing justice and youth organizing, the nonprofit hopes all participants will travel to Puerto Rico to connect with youth organizers on the island, pending ongoing fundraising for the program.

Detroit Heals Detroit is supported by The Skillman Foundation and The Michigan Justice Fund, among others. DHD hopes to give 12 youth a transformational healing experience that our Justice system failed to give them. 

"Our ultimate goal is to collect significant data to impact legislation in a way that combats the restrictions put on individuals who've had contact with the juvenile justice system," says Executive Director Dr. Sirrita Darby. Upon completion of the program, all participants will receive a $2,000 stipend.

The deadline to sign up for this initiative is April 1. Participants can sign up at Detroit Heals Detroit’s website here.
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