New Black-owned day spa brings luxurious beauty treatments to Hamtramck

In Hamtramck, a new spa recently opened proclaiming that they are “where beauty meets luxury.” 

Esthi Queen Healing Spa offers traditional spa services like facials, mani/pedi treatments, and woman-centered services like Brazilian and underarm waxing, and a popular new treatment called a vajacial (a facial for the vulva). 

Men are also welcome at the spa, but because men have coarser hair — prepare for a possible up-charge. 

Owner Tiara Boyd also developed her own line of cruelty-free, natural, and vegan products. For her, she says that creating a memorable experience for her clients to leave happy is of the utmost importance. 

The official grand opening of the spa is Sunday, May 23 with a ribbon cutting at 2 p.m. Tickets are $20 and the event will feature food, drinks, performances, and more. 

Model D: There was a trending topic on Twitter this week about women indulging in personal luxury. Do you think of spa treatments as luxury or… 

Tiara Boyd: You know, pharmaceutical industries are more focused on treatment. So, they're not teaching you how to prevent disease. And I think self-care is more of self-preservation, like prevention. Even when you're taking care of your health, it's a matter of how you take care of yourself before you have to go to the doctor and get treated. So, I think wellness and sustainability all tie in together.

Model D: You named your spa a healing spa. In what ways are you healing your clients?

Tiara: I believe that in a lot of cases, we have everything we need within ourselves. For us, we try essential herbs, aromatherapy. We were just talking about how dermatologists give clients the same medication for their skin despite their skin types. We are all different. So, you may need a different herb, you may need a different oil from someone else. You know what I'm saying? I'm trying to help people heal their skin, and then my clients also become family. So, that's a form of healing from the inside.

Model D: What prompted you to open the spa?

Tiara Boyd: My skin broke out. So, that's how I got into this industry. Because my skin was so bad, and the dermatologists were not helping me. So, I went to school to figure out how to fix my own skin. I used to work at Chrysler, and while it was good money, it just wasn’t for me. I used to have to ask to even go to the bathroom. That was enough for me.

Model D: Were you concerned about opening a business in the pandemic? 

Tiara Boyd: Of course. But, I had a lot of clients from when I was in beauty school. People that I met there really stuck with me. I also had a lot of support from friends and family. Then I found this space. I was like, “Hamtramck? Nobody is gonna come all the way over there.” But, people come in and they really love the space and I think it’s perfect for me, so I’m happy. 

Visit Tiara Boyd at Esthi Queen Healing Spa at 2456 Florian St. in Hamtramck. Wax Wednesday is her most popular day. More information is available on her website and social media: @EsthiQueen.
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