IdeaLab's greatest hits: We've got video from January speaker series

For two years running Model D has had the privilege of partnering up with some cool students and faculty at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business. The two day program -- one in Detroit, the other in Ann Arbor -- is called the Revitalization & Business Conference. An afternoon session called IdeaLab featured some amazing work. We recapped it here.

There were many presentation highlights. So many, in fact, that we plan to run a few choice cuts over the next month.

We'll start with this one, a roughly 10-minute, indescribable piece of brilliance by Josh McManus of D:hive and CreateHere.
McManus was so far outside the box he had jaws dropping in the crowd. It was exactly what they needed to hear, a fabulous primer on how to build out your dreams on a foundation made of passion. Check it out:

The video is courtesy of R&B Conference, U-M Ross School of Business