PODCAST: How COVID-19 helped Michiganders reconnect to care

It goes without saying that COVID has taken a terrible toll here in Michigan, as it has around the world. But the crisis has also helped to reveal major, longstanding gaps in Michigan's health care system – and in some cases, it's catalyzed positive action to address those gaps.

Over the first six episodes of our new podcast, Michigan's State of Health, we'll be sitting down with Michigan health leaders to discuss the myriad ways that COVID has exposed our health system's flaws and resulted in positive change. To begin this journey, we sat down with Dr. Renee Canady, CEO of the Michigan Public Health Institute, to take a big-picture look at COVID's impact on our health system. Join us as we discuss how COVID has shifted our perceptions, how it's reconnected us as neighbors, and how we can continue to act upon its lessons.

Michigan's State of Health is a spinoff of the State of Health series of feature stories, which you can read here. Michigan's State of Health is produced by Issue Media Group and made possible through the support of the Michigan Health Endowment Fund.

Listen here:

Photo by Roxanne Frith.
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