PODCAST: Building support for dementia caregiving challenges

Becoming a caregiver or care partner to a person living with dementia is a challenging process. The role is thrust upon some and chosen by others. But in either case, there's a steep learning curve to understanding how best to support a person living with dementia. And caring for a loved one with dementia is often draining on time, finances, and emotional wellbeing.

However, numerous Michiganders have developed strategies to be better care partners to the people living with dementia in their lives. They've created organizations and networks to share that information with other care partners and their communities. And they're advocating for better social support for their work. As we continue our second season of Michigan's State of Health, we talked to dementia care partners and their advocates about care partners' challenges, their successes, and the resources and support they need to do their vital work. You can listen to the episode in the widget below.

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