The Nonprofit Journal Project ContinuesDocumenting the stories of Southeast Michigan's nonprofits

Throughout the pandemic, nonprofits have been on the ground in communities solving issues, adapting programming and service models to meet the most critical needs.

Many have formed partnerships with one another and outside agencies in order to strengthen their impact and survive funding challenges. They've embraced innovation and leveraged technology to reach communities in new ways, providing food distribution, housing and healthcare to education and the arts. 

Moving forward, there really is no "return to normal" for the nonprofit sector. These organizations are finding new ways to work and define themselves. Many are navigating pivotal shifts in leadership and funding, they're reimagining traditional service and governance models and looking at issues of racial equity with a new sense of urgency. 

We're continuing to capture their stories. Through the Nonprofit Journal Project, nonprofit leaders across southeast Michigan will contribute their thoughts and experiences via journal entries. From their perspectives, we hope to learn how this this unique set of events—COVID-19, vaccinations, racial justice, climate change, etc.— is affecting their organizations, and to gain a new perspective on the evolving role of nonprofits in our metro region. 

Previous stories shared in the Nonprofit Journal Project can be found here. 

If you're a nonprofit leader who wants to take part in the Nonprofit Journal Project, email project editor Sarah Williams at [email protected]

This project is in partnership with Co.act Detroit and the Michigan Nonprofit Association.
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