Picking a school in Detroit just got a little bit easier

This story was originally posted on Chalkbeat.

Detroit parents wondering how their child's school is doing now have even more information at their fingertips. An update to the website where the Michigan Department of Education posts information about schools added some crucial new measures of schools' health, including teacher retention rates.

When the website was launched last year, it included data about test scores, attendance, and graduation rates, among other information.

The update, announced in a press release Tuesday, adds data about teacher retention rates, the number of qualified teaching staff, and staff experience levels. It also includes self-reported "points of pride," allowing schools to highlight advanced course offerings, arts classes, or whatever else could set them apart in parents' eyes.

To find the information, parents can type a school’s name or search for schools on a map of Michigan here.

The website could eventually be replaced or supplemented by A-F grades assigned to different aspects of each school. State lawmakers passed legislation requiring a grading system for schools during the lame-duck session in December, arguing it would be easier to understand than the just-updated website. But the future of the law is uncertain after top education officials said the it conflicts with federal rules.

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