City modifies and expands program to give Detroiters opportunity to clear criminal record

One silent roadblock to people living a full life is having an offense on your criminal record. Even minor offenses can lead to endless court fees or future background checks that prevent someone from getting a job.

That's why the city of Detroit worked to expand its Project Clean Slate, which works with legal partners to expunge Detroiters' criminal records. A free fair was held on June 30 at Wayne County Community College District. Two more fairs are planned in August and September. 

At a fair, Detroiters can prepare an application for record expungement, get connected with an attorney that can help you through the process, meet background friendly employers, and more. The city recruited more than 40 lawyers and law students to help eligible applicants for free. 

"Prior criminal records, even for minor offenses, represent a major barrier to employment for thousands of Detroiters," said Mayor Mike Duggan, in a press release. "With Detroit's economy growing, we want every resident who wants to work to have that opportunity. Project Clean Slate was created to help eligible people through the expungement process and get connected with potential employment opportunities."

In addition to the two upcoming fairs, these services will be offered on a weekly basis at several locations throughout the city. 

More information about Project Clean Slate, including dates and locations of future fairs, is available here

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Aaron Mondry is a Detroit-based freelance writer. Visit his website and follow him on Twitter @AaronMondry.
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