Young couple open bicycling biz Detroit Endurance Lab in Elevator Building

Landall and Jill Proctor have opened Detroit Endurance Lab, a fitness studio that revolves around bicycling, in the Elevator Building overlooking the Detroit River near the Dequindre Cut.

Detroit Endurance Lab occupies about 1,000 square feet in the century-old warehouse renovated into loft-style offices and commercial spaces. The 1-month-old business is open to anyone who wants to exercise on a stationary bike, whether it be for triathlon training or spin classes.

"It's an inviting model," says Landall Proctor. "We want to get all types of people from those with weight-loss goals to people training for half ironmans. We want to be all-inclusive."

Landall Proctor has been working in the physical fitness industry as a side job since college. He worked in higher education (he has a masters in student affairs from George Washington University) in Washington, D.C. when the young couple had their first child last year. The 30-somethings decided to move to Detroit to be closer to family (Jill Proctor grew up in Rochester) and now live on the city's riverfront.

Landall Proctor, the driving force behind Detroit Endurance Lab, was immediately attracted to the community atmosphere and affordable price point of the Elevator Building. The close proximity to their home and knowledge that they are participating in Detroit's rebirth appealed to them.

"For us, it's important to live in the city," Landall Proctor says. "As cheesy as it sounds we believe in the revitalization, or whatever adjective you want to use, of the city. We want to put our money where our mouth is."

Source: Landall Proctor, co-owner & coach of Detroit Endurance Lab
Writer: Jon Zemke

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