AKT Peerless grows in Detroit, may consolidate offices downtown

AKT Peerless Environmental Services is expanding its downtown presence.

The environment firm focuses on conducting environmental due diligence on brownfield sites, especially in urban redevelopment. "We're very passionate about urban redevelopment," says Anthony Kashat, principal of AKT Peerless Environmental Services. "We're very passionate about our great cities and we want to contribute to the redevelopment of Detroit."

The firm of 50 people has 10 of them in its downtown offices. It also has offices in Saginaw, Lansing and Farmington Hills. However, the company is looking at the idea of consolidating its Farmington Hills office into its Detroit headquarters. It's a move that would bump up its Detroit presence to 25 people.

AKT Peerless has been steadily growing in Detroit for a while. The 19-year-old firm made the jump to six Detroit-based employees in 2003. That number grew to eight in 2005 before becoming 10 today. It expects to add at least another two people over the next two years.

It can accomplish this by increasing its sales by 15 percent each year for the last few years. Kashat expects his firm's $8 million in sales to jump 40 percent in the next two years as his firm spreads into the Ohio and Illinois markets.

Source: Anthony Kashat, principal of AKT Peerless Environmental Services
Writer: Jon Zemke