Even critics agree: casinos have meant jobs

The Cape Cod Times is running a series on casinos as Massachusetts considers legalizing them. In this article, the reporter talks to people on both sides of the issue in Detroit, but everyone seems to agree that they have brought much-needed jobs to the area.


Casinos opened in Detroit in 1999, and casino owners take a lot of the credit for the city’s resurgence.

"The casinos had a pretty huge impact," said Peter Q. Zeiler, business development representative of Detroit Economic Growth Corp. "From a financial perspective, it’s impossible to consider this anything less than a godsend, There’s no downside to them being here and there are all sorts of great upsides."

But the casinos don’t get all the credit.

"I think the growth and development was going to happen here; I think the casino development has helped increase it," said John W. Carroll Jr., executive director of Detroit Regional Economic Partnership, an arm of the Detroit Regional Chamber.

Read the entire Cape Cod Times article here.

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