Foley & Lardner, DPS teach entrepreneurship with IDEA program

Foley & Lardner is teaming up with Detroit Public Schools to enhance the entrepreneurial skills taught to students in the school district.

The law firm’s Detroit office will host its fourth session of Improving Detroit through Entrepreneurship Advancement (IDEA for short) during the morning of Feb. 4. About 75 DPS students are participating in IDEA this year.

"We're trying to explain to students the things they need to understand if they want to start their own business or be entrepreneurial in their careers," says Marcus Sprow, senior counsel for Foley Lardner.

The program teaches student about business planning, finance and human resources. Local business leaders also participate to help give the students a better idea of how commerce works in the real world.

The latest IDEA session will focus on contracts, budgeting and interactive lessons about marketing at NextEnergy’s campus in TechTown.
Source: Marcus Sprow, senior counsel for Foley & Lardner
Writer: Jon Zemke