Wayne State med school professor wins award for cell research

One of Wayne State University’s own has been recognized as one of the top medical researchers of Indian descent.

Bhanu P. Jena recently took home a Ranbaxy Research Award. The Ranbaxy Science Foundation, the non-profit arm of Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, gives the award to honor Indian professors specializing in medical and pharmaceutical research from around the world.

Jena is the Distinguished Professor of the university’s School of Medicine’s Department of Physiology. He discovered a new cellular structure -- the porosome -- as well as his elucidation of the general molecular mechanism underlying cell secretion and membrane fusion.

The discovery caused a paradigm shift in the understanding of the secretory process in cells, impacting human health and medicine. This helped open more development possibilities for treatments of a variety of disorders at the very basic level of life.

Source: Wayne State University
Writer: Jon Zemke