Bottom Line Coffee House headed to Midtown's Beethoven Apartments

An independent java joint that promises late night hours is set to open in Midtown in Spring 2011. Bottom Line Coffee House is a family operation, owned by Al and Pat Harris and run by their son -- as soon as he graduates from Syracuse University in May. Located on the ground floor of the Beethoven Apartments, the 700-square-foot space will seat about 20 inside and, in warmer months, will feature outdoor seating in the alley that runs along the south side of the building.

Al worked for developer Scott Lowell for a few years doing renovations and "fell in love" with the Midtown area. Inspired by the growth in student population and foot traffic, he and his wife decided to take the plunge. "This place is changing like nobody's business," says Al. "There is something going on down here that is really, really special."

Bottom Line will feature rotating monthly brews from local roasters and baked goods from Traffic Jam & Snug. Poetry and acoustic music will also be on the menu, giving students a place to "practice their craft in a small, intimate venue," says Al. The Harrises promise early morning and late night hours and are exploring curbside service for orders that are called in ahead of time.

Keep up-to-date with Bottom Line, which is scheduled to open in 60 to 90 days, at its Facebook Page, and Model D promises to run an item when the date is confirmed!

Source: Pat and Al Harris, Bottom Line Coffee House
Writer: Kelli B. Kavanaugh

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