Homemade, vegan carry-out Sunday brunch kicks off Dec. 5 in Cass Corridor

Orders are being accepted for the inaugural Sunday of Detroit Brunch, a vegan carryout service founded by Crys. and Liz (no last names, please). The menu includes waffles, tofu scramble, granola and a variety of sides paired with a weekly special -- this time it's soy chorizo tacos, but expect biscuits and gravy and French toast in the future. Coffee and tea are also available.

Food offerings are focused on Detroit-grown and -produced products such as Great Lakes Coffee, Avalon and Honeybee Market. "There is no shortage of food here, it is a question of putting it together and making it available," says Liz. "We're not making a leap to provide a vegan breakfast, we are taking components of Detroit and putting them together in a different way."

The duo was inspired by vegan potluck Sunday meals they participated in at a rotating cast of homes and apartments. "We have lots of friends that are vegan and vegetarian and it grew to an extent that too many people wanted to show up and it outgrew how we could serve," says Chrys. Detroit Brunch then, "is a convenient way that we can still support what we had originally started doing."

The Detroit Brunch ladies think "the more the merrier" when it comes to the growing world of local edibles. "What Detroit is experiencing is not a lot different that what occurs in other cities and, to me, it suggests that a lot more people are embracing the idea that Detroit...has a market for handmade quality items," says Liz. "(Some people think) Detroiters will take what they can get, but people here do care about quality handmade products made in responsible ways that support their own community -- and that's the Detroit ethic in general."

The pickup location for Detroit Brunch is in the Cass Corridor. Orders will be accepted online until midnight Dec. 3.

Sources: Crys. and Liz, Detroit Brunch
Writer: Kelli B. Kavanaugh

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