Detroit's first 100-percent legit food truck hits the streets

Promising fresh ingredients and a creative twist on the art of taco, El Guapo, Detroit's first fully-licensed food truck, is serving up crowds from a lot at 301 Monroe at Randolph on the edge of Greektown in downtown Detroit.

"The opening went really well. We were thrilled with the response," says El Guapo Grill co-founder Anthony Curis.

Curis, a real estate investor, teamed up with Douglas Runyon, a high-end restaurant manager most recently associated with MGM Casino's Bourbon Steak and SaltWater restaurants.

"We both actually have been researching the food truck industry for a while and have been traveling to cities like Austin and other cities, where food trucks are prominent," Curis says.

The lack of an existing permit structure for food trucks in the City of Detroit was a challenge. Curis says El Guapo worked with the city for a year to receive a specialty temporary permit -- which will allow more new food trucks to open in the D.

"We're happy -- the process was great and the city was great with working with us," Curis says. "There are some things we want to change," he adds. "As of now, we can only be open til 11 p.m., which we would like to extend, since there aren't a lot of late-night food options downtown."

While Southwest is known for its classic take on the stuffed tortilla, El Guapo's revamped menu will offer vegetarian and gluten-free taco, burrito and burrito bowl options, plus rotating specialty items. The Guapo guys also partnered with several local businesses -- Michigan GreenSafe Products, Faygo, Great Lakes Roasting Company and Pink Elephant Cupcakes.

El Guapo Grill is open Monday-Saturday at the corner of Monroe and Randolph. Follow El Guapo on Facebook and Twitter for updated daily schedules and specials.

Source: Anthony Curis, co-founder, El Guapo Grill
Writer: Ashley C. Woods
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