Just a Bit Eclectic sells vintage items, antiques and tea on Detroit's northwest side

Just a Bit Eclectic is a new store located at 19015 W. McNichols between Outer Drive and the Southfield freeway. The store is true to its name, selling a just-a-bit eclectic mix of vintage goods and antiques, and is also a tea room and café.
Owner Darlene Taylor jokes that she has been working on this store for "30 years or so." When she found herself about to retire, she decided it was time to open the retail store and café she had in her mind for decades.
"I was 18 years old drinking tea on the beach and said, 'One day I'm going to have my own store,'" she says. "I'm doing everything in here that I like. I love tea. I love antiques. I love books and handcrafted items. Everything in here is everything that I love."
She found the 800 square foot building on Detroit's northwest side in her price range and it was pure serendipity.
Just a Bit Eclectic is a consignment store, which aren't prominent in the city. "Detroit has to get used to consignment," Taylor says, noting that her customers aren't entirely familiar with the idea of second-hand "vintage" goods. "We take clothing, jewelry, art, whatever … (we) use our shop as a stage."
She serves teas from Detroit-based INTU Specialty Teas and serves soups from Detroit's Beautiful Soup as well as salads and sandwiches.
Taylor will also use her store to work with youth on employment training, teaching them a variety of skills from running a cash register to cooking to accounting in order to build their skill sets for future employment. She will give them a stipend for working and also teach them money management skills. She is currently in the process of obtaining 501c3 designation so she can work closely with youth-oriented nonprofits.
Source: Darlene Taylor, owner of Just a Bit Eclectic
Writer: Nicole Rupersburg

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