Brought to you by Wheelhouse Detroit: The skinny on bike racks

Bike racks are important. We may not always think about them, or the proper way to lock up a bike, but that's why the Wheelhouse Detroit bike shop has a blog, to remind us of these things. Please read, take note, and thank your lucky stars that we have the Wheelhouse to keep us on the right track and our bikes safe.

Excerpt from the Wheelhouse blog:

As Detroit becomes more bike friendly, more and more businesses and institutions are installing bike racks — which is great, no doubt about it. What is frustrating, though, is to see funds and good intent wasted when, simply put, the bike rack is not functional. This occurs when the rack is poorly designed or poorly placed.

The sad thing is that it is not inherently more expensive to buy a properly designed rack, or even build one. A great example of a do-it-yourself rack is at the Woodbridge Pub. It uses varying lengths of metal pipe and couplers for a functional rack that even has a cool industrial look to it.

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