Brightmoor student woodworkers carve out a future

Want a sign Brightmoor is turning around? An after-school program sponsored by Detroit Community High School is now a neighborhood business, employing five local students in the age-old art of hand-crafted woodworking.

The Brightmoor Woodworkers have installed five signs around the neighborhood, created in the Community High School's woodshop. They don't use power tools -- just chisels, stencils, mallets and clamps. Each sign typically takes a week to build and costs $10 a letter. The signs are appearing in front of local businesses and decorate a few of the 30 community gardens that have sprouted in Brightmoor.

Detroit Community High School founder Bart Eddy says the Woodworkers' teaches what he calls "curbside entrepreneurship," and hopes to expand the program.


"This has provided an important service for the community," he told the Michigan Citizen. "We can now teach any kid in the neighborhood, using the proper tools, and they can start their own sign-making business."

The sign points here.
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