Coleman Young's story gets movie, will be filmed in Detroit

You either loved him or hated him. Detroit mayor Coleman Young's story is slated for the silver screen. Starting in September, local independent filmmaker will be putting Coleman Young's life on film. And doing it here in Detroit.


Marc Cayce (pronounced KAY-cee), an independent filmmaker who produced "Nikita Blues" and "Forbidden Fruits," and who most recently worked on "Haitian Nights," said that he is in pre-production through September here for the film that will be a labor of love and will feature many Detroit actors.

"Coleman Young, to me, was my hero," said Cayce, a Redford High School graduate who studied film at the University of Southern California. He spoke in an interview Sunday at Plymouth United Church of Christ, one of several churches he is visiting to find friends and coworkers of the late mayor. "He was somebody who inspired me. I grew up in the ghettos of Detroit, and he made me be bigger than what I thought I could be."

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