Detroit No. 3 in the nation when it comes to pizza, says GQ

GQ knows what's up when it comes to Detroit and pizza, ranking us in at No. 3. We'd argue for No. 1, but 3rd isn't a bad finish.


Detroit is the third-best pizza city in America, GQ writer Alan Richman declared after traveling 20,000 miles, visiting 10 cities and tasting almost 400 pies to name the country's 25 best pizzas for the magazine's June issue.

Making the accolade sweeter, Chicago came in fourth.

New York and San Francisco were first and second.

"No city has more consistently satisfying pies than Detroit. No city executes its particular style" -- also called Sicilian or pan pizza -- "as flawlessly as Detroit," Richman wrote in his blog, an online companion to his article and his list of 25 best pizzas.

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