Editorial: What North Carolina can learn from Midtown

North Carolina's Research Triangle is often described in national media as a triumph of large entities coming together to create a haven for educators and innovators. But the area's News & Observer writers note, as Durham announced a new initiative through the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network that will provide $3.6 million in targeted technical support to the region's growing entrepreneurial community, the Triangle would be wise to look to Midtown Detroit for guidance.

Midtown's "bold, comprehensive" plan, anchored by public and private entities, is now becoming a model for regions around the nation hoping to kick-start their market for high-tech jobs.


The investments in turn are part of the Kresge Foundation's nine-part strategy to revitalize the city, ranging from fixing the city's education system and reforming health care to driving sustainability and creativity as signatures of the new economy. This comprehensive approach is also present in the mayor's Detroit Works Project and its ambitious agenda to responsibly restore, build out, and connect its most vibrant neighborhoods while connecting it with the broader region. Detroit's future is far from certain. But its all-hands on deck, well-capitalized, comprehensive approach to entrepreneurial growth is instructive.

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