Real Detroit reports GreenDomes are evolving within urban farm scene

Country life has come to the city in the form of urban farming. That's not exactly new news, we know.

But Real Detroit reports that a curious cousin to the greenhouse called the GreenDome is getting some traction around the city's produce gardens.


With the help of friends and family, Greg Newsom and Travis Roberts built the dome themselves in a matter of days and are already anxious to get seeds in the ground. They're especially excited for bananas and avocados, two tropical plants that usually ship from across the globe, using lots of time, money and fuel to get to the dining room table. Though the dome is still in its infancy, Newsom already has bigger plans for the structure. He wants to keep it entirely off-grid, meaning no electricity or plumbing will be connected to it. He says the structure will be heated exclusively by the chickens that will live there -- a single bird can give off up to 55 BTUs per hour -- and he plans to install a tank underground that will regulate heat.

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